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“ACTIVITIES & PROJECTS 2019: Summary, Review and Evaluation”

At the end of 2019 and beginning 2020, Seishinkan Budo School invites you to review in detail the most relevant events and activities that took place last year.
Divided into 1st and 2nd term, in the following links you can find a summary of activities such as the Isshinryu Karate World Championship that took place in the United Kingdom, Tokushinryu Kobudo Europe Summer & Winter Camp, WUIKA Europe Instructor Camp, Seminars, special trainings and introductory sessions to Isshinryu and Kobudo.

Finally, you can find a breakthrough of the most relevant projects and activities that will take place during 2020 in Europe, South America and the birth place of Karate, Okinawa.

2019 FIRST TERM ACTIVITIES: Summary & Evaluation

2019 SECOND TERM ACTIVITIES: Summary & Evaluation


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