Okinawa, August 2018.

Between 01/08 and 08/08, the Prefecture of Okinawa together with the Karate Kaikan, surprised us with a world-class logistics to host the so-called “1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament” (第1回沖縄空手国際大会 ) whose name is due to the fact that currently the Olympic Committee only estate that holds the possibility to organize “World Tournaments” and deliver the respective “titles”. However, with a participation framework of more than 1746 competitors from 49 countries of the 5 continents, the level was at the height of an event that was highlighted by the relentless emphasis on maintaining the high standards of execution of the traditional katas of the respective lines: Shuri / Tomari-te Kei, Uechi-Ryu Kei, Naha-Te Kei and Kobudo.

As part of the event, various activities were carried out, including the inauguration of the monument in honor of the 232nd anniversary of Sakugawa Kanga, a master known as Tōdē Sakugawa, (who is remembered for creating the bō – staff kata Sakugawa no kun), honoring in that way Shurite and the Shorin Ryu the past july 28/29

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Mr. Takeshi Onaga – Okinawa Prefecture Governor

In the words of Mr. Takeshi Onaga, Governor of the prefecture and spokesperson for the Executive Committee of The 1st Okinawan International Karate Tournament, the main objective of the tournament was that “Okinawan karate enthusiasts can meet and establish connections to inherit and develop skills correctly. and spirituality of this modality of karate, systematized and transmitted by our ancestors, as well as to promote the development of traditional Okinawan karate and kobudo, which are, in turn, a legacy of our ancestors, who preserved and transmitted it generation after generation

In support of this mission and as a result of the systematic efforts of the Prefecture of Okinawa to preserve, transmit and develop Okinawan karate, “The Karate Kaikan” (Click here for further info)  was inaugurated on March 4th, 2018, facilities that include museums, shops, dojos and libraries dedicated one hundred percent to contribute to this mission. This is the place where it was decided to hold the first Okinawan karate tournament.

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  • Contribution to character building (valuing civility)
  • Telling people that it is the birthplace of Karate
  • Contact among each school inside the prefecture and inside/outside the country
  • Cultivating trainers and successors
  • Passing on the essence of Karate
  • Promoting training on Okinawa, the home of Karate

THE TOURNAMENT – Preliminary Rounds & Main Event


As has been the trend in the last events held in Okinawa, our organization was present to participate in this event and together with the school of Mirzon Zambrano sensei (Okinawa Goju Ryu Jinbukan) and Diego sensei’s adhesion from Europe, Chile was represented splendidly by 11 competitors, who took part of the Karate and Kobudo competitions in all the divisions.


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“We will hold the 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament , aiming to create a place where Okinawa Karate enthusiasts gather in Okinawa and deepen exchanges, to properly inherit and develop the skills and spirituality of Okinawa Karate which was systematized by our ancestors and handed down until today, and to further promote the development of Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo for the future”


Okinawa representative team, who made the qualification round in May 2018, were waiting and observing the turn of Japan & Overseas that took place on August 2nd and 3th to determine who would accompany the homeowners in the main tournament.


Naha-te Kei – Uechi-ryu Kei – Shuri / Tomari-Te Kei and Kobudo Sai-Bo, were the four categories performed in the Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts (Budokan) Arena and the Karate Kaikan, Special Dojo, where the hundreds of competitors gathered to start the fight for the podium.

The category of Shuri / Tomari Te Kei, with a margin of participation close to a thousand competitors, was the division that registered the most attendance, classifying the main tournament only the best 32 of each division (Junior Female / Male I-II, Seniors Female / Male I-II).


Diego Sensei (who qualified 1st in the preliminary round, Seniors I) and Mauricio Lopez (Seniors II) were the representatives who managed to advance in their respective groups to the main event that began on 04/08. Isshinryu Seisan Kata, Isshinryu Sunsu Kata and Isshinryu Kusanku kata (Click here to check the videos), were chosen to present until unfortunately, the high standards regarding “root / origin of the kata” (the katas presented should be as little modified as possible, thus maintaining the pure lineage of each ryuha) were a difficult obstacle to overcome for both, who fell in the first round before relentless judges with the standards that in front of the prefecture of Okinawa just a few days before, they promised to maintain.


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Naha-Te Kei and Kobudo Bo and Sai were the divisions chosen by the Chilean representatives of Goju-Ryu Jinbukan, led by Mirzon Zambrano sensei, and who, as expected, also qualified to the main tournament from the preliminary rounds, not without some previous tiebrakes they had them busy during the entire day.

The overall balance of the team was positive, mainly because the first objective was achieved, which was to represent Chile and Isshinryu in Okinawa, supporting Uechi Sensei at the same time in his work as the only active representative of Isshinryu Karate at the Karate Kaikan and, on the other hand, It is always positive to see how and where is the standard in Okinawa related to the kata execution.

In this way, the “1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament” had on the podium those who faithfully maintained the traditional katas, far from the spectacular and bombastic presentations to which we are already very acclimated in the West.

THE SEMINARS – Isshin-ryu/Shorin-ryu & Ryukyu Kobudo


Once the tournament was over, a series of seminars was started on 06/08 by the instructors chosen by the Executive Committee based on the recommendations of the four organizations affiliated with the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai (the same as for first time in history, worked together to carry out the event).


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As expected, the representatives of Seishinkan and Isshinryu at the event, participated and supported the seminar lead by Tsuyoshi Uechi sensei, Isshinryu Okinawa Traditional Karate-do Association 8th Dan together with the Board Chairman of Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai Choko Kyuna Sensei, Okinawa Shorin Ryu Hanshi 10th Dan, who held the Shuri-Te Kei seminar. All the Kihon, Basics Movement and applications, kotekitae (Okinawa Traditional condition training) and Seisan Kata were the topics covered by more than two hours of seminar, which counted with the maximum allowed of participants (50) coming mainly from the Shuri-te line.Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan - Akamine Hiroshi Sensei Seminar

Ryukyu Kobudo was the other covered area during the participation in seminars, this time by Akamine Hiroshi Sensei, Okinawa Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan 9th dan and assisted very closely by Dell Hamby Sensei, 6th dan. Bo and Sai were the weapons covered during two hours of training that contemplated techniques and basic applications, kihon and a kata of bo and sai respectively. As expected, massive assistance from practitioners of various Kobudo lines took the available places.



Both seminars, of high technical and theoretical value, contribute significantly to the growth and research work carried out by the directors of our school in South America and Europe, contributing to the development and strengthening of Karate and Kobudo in the regions.

Text by Diegoisshinryu – Pictures courtesy of Karate Journal & Seishinkan South America





Denmark, May 2018

A wonderful climate and an always peaceful city, it was the perfect setting for the realization of the 31st version of the traditional Shingoryu Cup, carried out at the Arena Næstved in Denmark, last Saturday, May 5, 2018.

With an organization that has already accustomed us to a very good logistics deployment and excellent organization, the event had a framework of assistance that bordered the 200 competitors belonging to the 31 karate clubs coming mainly from Denmark, Romania and Sweden.

Seishinkan Europe attended the event and for the second year in a row and Diego sensei managed to get the first place in the senior kata category for the 2nd time. (Click here to review the 2017 version of the Shingoryu Cup)

It should be noted that the Shingo Ryu Cup, is an open karate event for all styles, so the categories of kata are quite attractive and varied in terms of technique and principles of each style. This year, stand out among the participating styles, Kyokushin, Oyama Ryu, Ashihara, Goju Ryu IOGKF, Shotokan and Isshinryu, being these last two those who reigned the podium this 2018.

After three previous rounds, the final of the category was disputed between a competitor belonging to the Shotokan style, who made a wonderful presentation after which, Diego sensei performed the Kusanku kata, in a version with competitive timing but maintaining the bases of Isshinryu.

(Click here to watch more videos of Shingo Ryu cup 2018 & 2017)

In this way and by unanimous decision of the judges, the representative of Seishinkan and Isshinryu is crowned champion for the second year in a row with a splendid performance.IMG_1556 (Edited)

The podium of the senior kata division was as follows:

1st Place: Diego Rodriguez Inzunza, Isshinryu Seishinkan. Sweden

2nd Place: Kenny Bruun Rasmussen, Bushinkan Karate Club. Denmark

3rd Place: Florin Bodeneu Constantin, Isshinryu Toratoshi. Romania.


This event also turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to reunite the Isshinryu family in Europe, as it brought together the various schools, clubs and practitioners from Romania, Denmark and Sweden who, in turn, represented WUIKA and Isshinryu in a very good way.

Seishinkan participates in the acknowledgements for the effort and support of WUIKA Europe through its representatives who were supportive throughout the event. A sensei Lars Andersen, Mads Nørby and Martin Frederiksen.

We extend a cordial greeting and thanks to the organization of the 31st edition of the Shingoryu Cup waiting to see you again in 2019.


Texts by Diego Rodriguez

Videos courtesy of Mads Nørby

Images courtesy of  Bushinkan Karate-Do & Karate News




Denmark, March 2018

With a magnificent logistical deployment and excellent organization by Tokushinryu Kobudo Valby Shibu, the 5th Winter Camp and 2nd Tokushinryu Cup took place, an event attended by representatives and kobudokas from Sweden, Germany and various regions of Denmark.

The event held on March 2, 3 and 4, focused various activities and training sessions aimed at delivering new perspectives of training, various guidelines and updated technical standards in the various katas and general curriculum of Tokushinryu Europe.

The training sessions by Lars Andersen sensei were dedicated to developing Tokumine no Kon Renzoku bunkai Kumite (click to watch), whose base is in the kata proper and in the first two steps of the bo kihon. By performing the kata with a partner, he gives a new perspective on training and understanding the kata itself.
Pechin Kumi Sai (click to watch) was the other topic of bunkai, which gives a base to develop different variants of double weapon against double weapon.

The session with Jan Overgaard sensei was dedicated to the bunkai and principles of the Sai and Nunti Sai.


In the framework of Winter Camp activities, the 2nd Tokushinryu Cup was successfully carried out for the second year in a row, whose main objective is to grant the participants the opportunity to demonstrate their technical level through the execution of the various katas in a competitive environment and the instructors, the possibility of observing the competitors and evaluating in what level the general technical standard of the organization is found in the different dojos.

The applied regulation continues with the standard used in the events of previous years, that is, long weapon in the first round, short weapon in the second round and free option from there. According to this regulation and after four rounds, Diego Rodriguez Sensei is crowned champion after having presented the following katas: Tokumine no Kon, Hamahiga no Tonfa, Tokushin no Nunti Sai and Chatanyara no Sai.


The medal table was left in the hands of the following representatives:

1st place: Diego Rodriguez Sensei, Seishinkan. Stockholm, Sweden.

2nd place: Michael Guddat, Hamburg, Germany.

3rd place: Tonni Christian Petersen, Gotokukan Hvidore, Denmark.



As usual, during summer and winter training, exams are held for those who are prepared and authorized by their respective instructors.

In this opportunity, Diego Rodriguez sensei presents a test for 2nd dan, within the framework of the special training program that started almost 3 years ago and which has been constantly monitored by Jan Overgaard sensei as a mentor and Lars Andersen sensei as director of Tokushinryu in Europe. The organization also welcomes Pernille Hansen, the new shodan who officially begins the long growth and learning path in Tokushinryu Kobudo.

Click here to review the page with the official list of Tokushinryu yudansha around the world.

Seishinkan Europe wants to extend its deep thanks at to Tokushinryu Kobudo Valby Shibu for the splendid organization and hospitality and to Tokushinryu Kobudo Organization for his constant support.

The last activity carried out by the author during that weekend was a technical training with Jan Overgaard sensei, in which he reviewed general kata details, Nunti Sai bunkai, Tokushin no Yari and Tokushin no nunti Bo.


More information about the Tokushinryu Kobudo Europe Winter Camp & 2nd Tokushinryu Cup



Photos & Images courtesy of Allisson Teran and Anders Uhrenfeldt



Denmark, September 2017

Last September 2017, the second version of the already established Tokumura Cup & Summer Gasshuku in the city of Nakskov in Denmark, which gathers approximately 45 practitioners from the different dojos of Europe, is completed.

The activity was successfully organized by Lasse Jensen and Dorthe Jensen sensei, both belonging to the host dojo.

Three days of intense training in each session led by the instructors Lars Andersen Sensei, Mads Nørby Sensei, and Per Søresen Sensei who made corrections and unified the technical standard in the curriculum for Tokushinryu Europe.

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After several sessions and corrections, there are many aspects to improve in various katas and aspects of the curriculum.

The Tokumura Cup, developed during the morning of Saturday, had as winners after several rounds to the following senseis.
1st ROMAN PAVALATII SENSEI, Torakai Romania.
2nd DIEGO RODRIGUEZ SENSEI, Seishinkan Sweden.
3rd MARTIN FREDERIKSEN SENSEI, Honbu dojo Denmark.

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Karate News Denmark 



On May 6th, 2017, in the framework of the 30th anniversary of Shingo Ryu Cup, a new version of this event was developed in the city of Næstved, Denmark. Competitors from Romania, Chile and all parts of Denmark mainly gathered at the Næstved Arena to compete in the Kata and Kumite categories.


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After the cordial invitation of Sensei Lars Andersen, Sensei Diego participated in the representation of Seishinkan in the category of Kata obtaining a meritorious first place, besides a wonderful and unexpected recognition to the best technique of the championship.


Seishinkan Isshin Ryu Chile

Karate News Denmark



Okinawa Isshin Ryu Seishinkan Chile

New Jersey – United States, August 2016

On 19 and 20 August 2016, took place the first version of the world championship OIKKA organization in the city of Bordentown, New Jersey, in honor of Grand Master Angi Uezu. This event was attended from Denmark Sensei Diego and other representatives of the school Seishinkan from chile achieving very important results. After nearly a year of intense preparation in the physical and technical aspects, the results filled with pride those who led the process in the organizational part and the development of training programs for the competitor. Sensei Diego was linked intensely in this process and in implementing it, especially Kumite preparing the group until July, prior to their trip to DenmarAmong leading competitors across the United States, South America, Europe and India, sensei Diego achievement crowned World Champion in the category of Kata Karate and Kobudo, which complement a brilliant career for the past 10 years.

A sporting achievement of the delegation, also adds the important mark left school OIKKA Seishinkan Chile in the technical and human level that was shown during the event.

Click here to watch some videos