“The school where the Spirit is refined”

Seishinkan is a martial arts organization dedicated to the dissemination and teaching of Budo 武道. Founded on May 1, 1987, by Osvaldo Rodriguez Sensei who has devoted a lifetime to the training, research and teaching of martial arts as a philosophy of life that helps human growth and development. Currently, with 30 years of operation, it is constituted as an organization in its own right, with representatives in different parts of Chile and Europe.

Seishinkan was recognized by Okinawa Japan through Grand Master Angi Uezu and from 1992 to 2017 it worked hard on the essential principles of the Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo under his direction.

Seishin has his bases in the systematic practice of Okinawan war arts, which in the modern era have become systems of the integral evolution of the human being through the practice of Budō 武 道. This corresponds to the term that encompasses the technical knowledge of contemporary Japanese / Okinawan martial arts and a certain set of ethical norms that govern the behaviour of its practitioners in a similar way to what Bushido 武士道 represented for the ancient samurai.

Seishin uses this systematic practice as a way of overcoming and developing its practitioners in its three stages: Body, Mind and Spirit (Shin-Gi-Tai).

The Kanjis that make up the idea and true feeling of SEISHIN are translated as follows:SEISHIN


Refined, pure authentic.


Whose meaning is related to spirit. soul, with the superior mind.

The daily operation of our school is constantly guided and supported by the Seishin philosophy, based on three very important oriental concepts:

  • The Wabi Sabi 侘 寂: imperfect but happy.
  • Ichi Go Ichi E 一期一会:  every moment is unique.
  • Zen 禪 Spirit: the moment is now

Consolidating these concepts, Seishinkan can be translated as “The School where the Spirit is refined”, through a disciplined practice for our body, systematic for our mind, and hard for our spirit.



SEISHINKAN BUDO: The Institutional Vision & Mission


Seishinkan aims to become a recognised and distinguished martial arts organization, nationally and internationally, for the high standards in human, technical and professional quality of all its members. Due to its unique way of contributing to the integral development of human beings through the systematic practice of karate and related arts, its objective is to rescue, revalue and validate the deep educational and formative roots that make Karate and Kobudo of Okinawa unique and that has been transmitted through generation in generation up to our hands.



In addition to preserving the roots of Okinawa’s traditional arts, the central commitment of Seishinkan is to contribute to the integral development of the human being using the Oriental Martial Arts as the main tool due to its high philosophical and formative content, rescued decades ago by the Okinawan masters and preserved until today by thousands of dedicated practitioners around the world.


  • Maintain the legacy of all masters who represent the purest essence of Okinawa karate and kobudo, related martial arts and specifically the Isshin Ryu founded by Master Shinkishi “Tatsuo” Shimabukuro.
  • Promote the codes and principles of Master Shimabukuro.
  • Rescue the high value and philosophical content of the Okinawan Martial Arts and apply them to the formal and non-formal education system. 
  • Use the Karate-Do & Kobudo as a valid way of integral education of the movement, delivering a new alternative and field of study for the sciences of physical activity.
  • Provide space and support to any organization and/or school that promotes the values and principles of Okinawan Karate-Do and related Martial Arts.
  • Establish networks and alliances with different organizations of Oriental Martial Arts, national and international and contribute in this way to the enrichment of the practitioners of our organization.


  • Nurture constantly our students of different knowledge concerning the practice of Karate-Do Isshin Ryu, oriented towards the maximum theoretical and technical development of all Seishinkan students.
  • Provide opportunities for professional development, through the training of instructors capable of successfully performing the teaching of karate and kobudo as a physical activity.
  • Provide to parents and guardians who trust in our children’s project, an alternative to support the school education process of their children through the regular and systematic practice of Karate & Kobudo.
  • Provide support to formal and non-formal education organizations that decide to incorporate the practice of martial arts into their educational curriculum as a way to contribute to the integral education of their students.
  • Stimulate and generate in our students the ability to transfer the Dojo’s learning to everyday life.
  • Deliver practical tools for personal development
  • Nurture your students of solid philosophical foundations that contribute to the search of a personal path of  grow.

SHISA sin fondo

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