30 Years of History: 1987 – 2017



Born in the city of Concepcion, Chile, Diego Rodriguez Inzunza sensei has professional studies in the area of Education, Physical Activity, Sports and Martial Arts.

He began his studies in Karate-do at the age of 6, in the Okinawa Isshinryu Seishinkan Organisation, under the guidance of Magaly Inzunza Sensei and Osvaldo Rodriguez Sensei, his parents.

With almost 26 years of practise in Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo, martial arts have been a pillar and tool of tremendous value throughout the full development and growth of the author.


His professional and academic studies were developed at San Sebastian University, Chile, in the field of Education, motor skills development, physical activity and sports trainingStrongly oriented towards the maintenance of health, it’s at this stage that the definitive link with the practise, research and teaching of martial arts is established in a professional way.

In 2013 he obtained the academic degree of Bachelor in Education and a year later the professional title of Physical Education Teacher.


Parallel to his academic life, the author develops a successful career as a karate athlete, representing his university in multiple championships at regional, national and international level (highlighting the World Okinawan Rengokai Karate & Kobudo World Karate championships, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010). This trajectory earned him a sports scholarship and winner for three consecutive years of the SAN SEBASTIAN SPIRIT AWARD, given by the university to those outstanding students who develop their academic and sports life in a successful way.


Being the captain of the university’s karate team, along with his teammates they obtain important achievements in diverse competitions, placing their university at the top places at local level.

The high level of commitment, sacrifice and transmission of core values are some of the most outstanding characteristics highlighted by his teammates and that led him to consolidate as an important leader who contributed to reaching several goals in the sports, academic and later in their professional lives.


In the year 2013, Seishinkan still having links with the organization Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo (OIKKA) founded by the Grand Master Angi Uezu, receives for the third time the visit of the current president, Master Christopher Chase and Diego Rodriguez Sensei presents examination for the 4th Dan Black Belt in what was a historical event for the Seishinkan organization: 9 students presented examination for 1st dan,  one student for 3rd and one for 4th Dan.


As is tradition and complying with the standards of the Seishinkan organisation, Diego sensei develops the research up to then, more relevant to his professional career and as Karate-ka: Necessity and relevance of a  sustained martial arts organisations leadership, which, based on literature and other contemporary research, installs a new perspective and horizons of logistical and organisational growth.

Presentation of the research   “Necessity and relevance of a sustained martial arts organizations leadership”

In the strictly practical, after more than two hours presenting the entire technical program for the respective rank, the commission chaired by Master Christoper Chase and integrated at that time by Osvaldo Rodriguez Sensei, Ivan Parra Sensei and Carlos Alvear Sensei, grant the 4th Dan degree and the title of Menkyo or instructor to the author.


In July 2014, Diego Sensei makes a tour to Sweden to begin to visualise the future of the organisation in Scandinavia. A group is established and training is developed 3 times a week for three months. This would be the beginning of the project that currently has occupied the author.


Two months later, in the framework of an OIKKA tour (organization in which the author was still an active member), Diego Sensei travels to England to participate in the technical seminar dictated by the current president of the organization, Master Christopher Chase.


A few years later, in the middle of 2016, Diego sensei, as part of a personal project, moves to Copenhagen Denmark and establish contact as a representative of Seishinkan, with Lars Andersen Sensei, active researcher of the martial arts,  director of Joshinkan Isshin Ryu and representative of Tokushin Ryu Kobudo and WUIKA for Europe.


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After several conversations, there arises the concern and need to deepen the study and practice of Okinawa Kobudo, and thus Diego sensei makes official his entry to the Tokushinryu Kobudo Organization in Europe, initiating an intensive and arduous process of training under the guidance of Jan Overgaard Sensei, 3th dan in Tokushinryu Kobudo and 4th dan in Goju Ryu IOGKF, which continues to this day.

In August 2016, Diego Sensei travels to the USA to participate in the first OIKKA World Karate Championship, Allentown NJ. where he reaches the first place in empty hand Kata and Kobudo Kata.


Closing the year 2016, Diego sensei participates as representative of Seishinkan in the kata seminar dictated by Uechi Tsuyoshi Sensei, hosted by the organization Joshinkan Denmark and Lars Andersen Sensei.
During three days training sessions were carried out focused on the basic technical aspects, katas and their respective bunkai.


In September of 2017, moves to Stockholm Sweden, to begin the process of opening the first Seishinkan Dojo in Europe, and in November of that year, he is sent to Romania as a representative of WUIKA (World United Isshinryu Karate Organization) Tokushinryu and Seishinkan Europe, to carry out a tour of various dojos conducting seminars and activities with the sole objective of supporting the development and expansion of Isshinryu in that country and the region.

IMG_0781 (redigeret)
WUIKA 2017, ROMANIA TOUR – C.S. KOKORO – Mihai Pascasu Sensei

In March 2018 and as part of the TOKUSHINRYU EUROPE WINTER CAMP in Copenhagen, Denmark, Diego Sensei was promoted to 2nd dan in Tokushinryu Kobudo and managed to carry out an extraordinary participation in the 2nd TOKUSHINRYU CUP, where he reached  the podium in the first place.

In August of the same year, he traveled to Okinawa together with the Seishinkan team lead by Osvaldo Rodriguez sensei, to represent Chile in the “1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament” and take part in the series of seminars dictated by the top authorities of the Karate & Kobudo of Okinawa.

In this opportunity and after several trainings carried out during three weeks, Diego sensei was promoted to 5th dan, Renshi Go, in Okinawa Traditional Isshinryu.



  • In the World Sports company, he develops and implements coaching and training programs for companies of diverse nature, developing skills such as leadership, effective communication, teamwork, planning, self-management, etc.


  • Guide in several generic skills workshops, focused on effective communication, leadership and human capital development, focused on medium and small companies.
  • Teaching diverse sports and recreational schools between the years 2010 to 2016.
  • In the  Llacolen Sports Centerbetween the years 2013 and 2016, he joined the team responsible for developing and executing training programs focused mainly on the development of skills, health maintenance, injury prevention, metabolic activation and performance improvement in different athletes and target audiences.
  • Physical trainer of several athletes in the bio bio region, between 2010 and 2016.
  • Under the eaves of the Okinawa Isshin Ryu Seishinkan organization, was the person responsible for the formulation, development and implementation of different courses of Karate focused on children and adolescents with the aim of strengthening and complementing their integral education.
  • Head Coach of the sports karate selection of the Okinawa Isshin Ryu Seishinkan Chile organization.
  • Personal Trainer between 2016 and 2018 for one of the largest Danish fitness companies in the country Fitness DK and most recently, Pulse & Träning company in Stockholm, Sweden.
Rodriguez Sensei performing Sanchin Kata    Desembocadura Beach – Chile



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